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On behalf of the trustees of my AFK, I am delighted that you have expressed an interest in joining us as Chief Executive. We are very excited at the prospect of meeting you.


This charity transforms lives, one person at a time. Still imbued with the indefatigable, practical spirit of our founder, we take a ‘whole person’ approach to each young person we support; working with them as precious individuals, we offer tailored, thoughtful help that creates aspiration, builds confidence, and strengthens skills. We believe that employment is a genuine route to independence for young people who have often experienced a lifetime of challenge; our approach is authentically inclusive, and helps them gain a sense of their own value and purpose.


What does our future hold? Over the medium term, we want to expand the services provided by my AFK. In order to achieve this, we want to focus on building more efficient, cost-effective and scaleable processes, and enable us to help many more young people with moderate to severe learning disabilities into permanent / part time employment. So we know that increasing income will be a feature of your tenure in the role; but we also expect that we will need to evolve the way we work. We want to remain an agile and nimble organisation, with the shortest possible journey between seeing an opportunity and taking it.


The people who thrive at my AFK are innovative, curious and open to new ideas; but their single-minded dedication to improving the life-chances of the young people we help is remarkable. my AFK exemplifies an optimistic, resilient mindset – you don’t get far in this sector without empathy, determination and patience – and we want to hear from people who understand that the harder you work, the greater the rewards.


I look forward to receiving your application.


Mark Lewis
Chair of Trustees